Palm and Pine Sierra Santa Margarita Group

Michael H. Momeni, PhD
Environmental Nuclear Scientist

What Is Our Mission?
Our mission is embedded in the objectives of the Sierra Club: “To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystem and resources; protect, restore the quality of the natural environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out those objectives.”

We are often challenged by those whose principle objective is to exploit the natural resources at any expense to our environment.  Our tasks are apolitical and solely based on our objectives.  We intend to protect the environment irrespective of the success or failure of any political party.

However, our tasks are more difficult when the moto of a political party would be fully adverse to our mission.  We have had these challenges in the past.  We have been deterred, but we have not changed our mission.

Honoring Dr. Gordon Pratt and Cecilia Lono Pierce
We acknowledge the generosity of Dr. Pratt and Cecilia Lono Pierce in support of our organization.

Transportation Task Group:

To reduce the impact of exhaust from automobiles in this region, we have to advocate for a cost-effective mass transit system within our communities and between nearby cities.  Our long term objective is to push for a rapid electric train connecting our region to San Diego and Los Angeles and their existing mass transit systems.

Our short term objective is to have a local mass-transit system in Southwest Riverside County. The Temecula-Murrieta area and the unincorporated regions together have a population of about 250,000, but we do not have a local mass-transit system.  The Riverside Transit Agency provides inter-city mass-transit linking the cities in Riverside County.

The existing Red Trolley operates with a very limited schedule and provides limited service to Temecula. We have requested an expansion of the Trolley schedule and routes to cover major portions of the city.  

Unless we provide our people with other options, we can’t foresee them not using their personal cars for local transportation.  

Ex-Com Election

We have elected three members to our Executive Committee; the deadline for the receipt of ballots was November 30, 2016. The results will be announced during our next monthly meeting in January.

Local Political Activity

Our Group enthusiastically recommended Tim Sheridan, a supporter of Sierra Club principles, for Congress in the recent elections; however, CA's 42nd District remained in the hands of a long-term, firmly-entrenched incumbent.Type your paragraph here.