Description of Education and Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Education and Outreach Committee is to offer educational meetings and workshops, connect with local educators, and reach out to organizations that offer education programs.

Monthly Educational Meeting. Our main job is providing a monthly educational program with a mixture of business, speaker presentations, and social interaction. We have a team to facilitate this program and invite participation from new members!

Workshops. Workshops provide a way to educate teachers and the public about the local resources and facilities in our area. Our first workshop was regarding the Santa Margarita Watershed and why it is important. We are planning more events specific to Wildlife Connectivity and possibly Pollinators. Let us know if you would like to help.

Tabling. Tabling at local events is one way of supporting the efforts of others and getting our message out to the public. We have many opportunities to participate in local Earth Day events, the Environmental Educators Collaborative, school events, college activities, ECO-Fairs, and the Santa Rosa Plateau activities. Join our Tabling Team and learn to meet and greet the public.

Special Events. We also offer specific events such as the Annual Earth Day Fair and sometimes the 4th of July Parade, sponsored by the City of Temecula.

Transportation Committee

Transportation Committee's sole mission is to improve regional transportation including highways, state roads, commuter trains, buses.  The committee specifically participates in all activities of the Transportation-Now sponsored by Riverside Transit Agency.  The committee promotes the development of a regional commuter train connecting cities between Ontario and San Diego.