Pam Nelson, Chair

​Early in my life, I knew I wanted to "save the planet".  I saw the fragile damsel fly, the tiny tadpoles and horned lizards and began to worry about their future, as I wandered through Irvine Ranch.  Sure enough, the open fields near me became housing tracts.  So off to college I went and have continued my studies, career and retirement with this same mission.

UCLA, UC Irvine, research in Baja, Salk Institute and 17 years as a high school teacher have equipped me with the ability to tackle problems as they come.  Employment in various laboratories doing research in the field and lab gave me a variety of skills. Serving on the local Resource Conservation District added the political element that was greatly needed. Working with the Sierra Club is the perfect fit for me.

As chair of the Santa Margarita Group, I do most of the organizing for all our activities.  The committee chairs help with certain elements and our ex-com takes advantage of summer-time to set-up the next session’s basic outline.

I’ve work on various projects including wildlife crossings, watershed health, college intern programs and the Murrieta Creek Regional Trail.

Our Team of  great volunteers.

Elena (aka MaryEllen) Garcia: MSG Political Chair and Scribe; interest in reducing waste, recycling, and conserving our natural resources. Retired professor of Linguistics and Spanish. 


Pam Nelson, Chair - Conservation, Education

Teri Biancardi, Vice-Chair

Bruce Weimer, Treasurer

Elena Garcia, Secretary, Political Action

Michael Momeni, Transportation Blog, Facebook, Palm and Pine

BobAudibert, Hiking

Caren Hanson, Webmaster

Michael H. Momeni, Ex-com member, manager for the blog What's Up at the Southern California Nature Guardians and the Facebook pages: @AdvocateElectricTrain and @SoCaNatureGuardians