Results of November 6, 2018 election
for Sierra Club-endorsed candidates and measures



Governor                    Gavin Newsom     Won
Attorney General        Xavier Becerra       Won
Secretary of State Alex Padilla                 Won
Controller                   Betty Yee              Won
Ins. Commissioner      Ricardo Lara          Won
Sup. of Public Inst.      Tony Thurmond     Won

STATE SENATE (for Inland Empire)

SD-20 Connie Leyva                           Won with 66%
SD-28 Joy Silver                                 Lost with 46%

 STATE ASSEMBLY (for local area)
AD-60    Sabrina Cervantes                 Won with 54.1%

Why Sierra Club Endorses Gavin Newsom for Governor


In October 2017, Sierra Club California released a five-point document briefly outlining the characteristics we look for in the next governor of California. These characteristics are:

• Independence from the oil industry;
• Independence from the tobacco and e-cigarette industry;
• Demonstrated and sophisticated commitment to the        environment and public health;
• Commitment to social and environmental equity; and 
• Devotion to transparency, access and consultation. 

2018 SC-Endorsed measures and propositions


Prop. 1: Affordable Housing Bond    

SC rec: Yes
Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for existing affordable housing programs for low-income residents, veterans, farmworkers, manufactured and mobile homes, infill, and transit-oriented housing. Fiscal impact: Increased state costs to repay bonds averaging about $170 million annually over the next 35 years. Approved by 54%.

Prop. 3: Water                                                                         SC rec:
Authorizes $8.877 billion in state general obligation bonds for various infrastructure projects. Fiscal Impact: Increased state costs to repay bonds averaging $430 million per year over 40 years. Local government savings for water-related projects, likely averaging a couple hundred million dollars annually over the next few decades. Rejected by 52%.    

 Prop. 6: Gas Tax Repeal
Vote: “NO”                                                                              SC rec: No
Repeals a 2017 transportation law’s taxes and fees designated for road repairs and public transportation. Fiscal impact: Reduced ongoing revenues of $5.1 billion from state fuel and vehicle taxes that mainly would have paid for highway and road maintenance and repairs, as well as transit programs. Rejected by 55%.

Prop. 10: Rent Control
Vote: “NO”                                                                              SC rec: Yes
Would have expanded local governments’ authority to enact rent control on residential property. Rejected by 62%.

 Prop. 12: Bigger Farm Animal Cages

Vote: “YES”                                                                            SC rec: Yes

Establishes minimum requirements for confining certain farm animals. Prohibits sales of meat and egg products from animals confined in noncomplying manner. Fiscal impact: Potential decrease in state income tax revenues from farm businesses, likely not more than several million dollars annually. State costs up to $10 million annually to enforce the measure. Approved by 60%.

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